Cool cold serving platform with multifunction

cold serving platform

Spontan magnetic board, cooler packs (the more the colder, I used 6 thick pieces), felt pads (leg protectors)

Description: I wanted to have a cold serving platform in order to keep foods cold during “buffets” with my family. While walking through Ikea, I saw just what I needed: Spontan magnetic board and a hack!

cold serving platform
cold serving platform
cold serving platform

1. Apply felt pad sticker to each corner underneath the board. Just to protect the tabletop (and in the future use, the wall).
2. Place and arrange frozen cooler packs evenly on to the table, approximately in a bit smaller area than your Spontan magnetic board.
3. Place the magnetic board on to the coolers. Check that the coolers stayed within the edges.
4. Place food items to the platform in serving plates or bowls.
5. As addition, you can place “menu-cards” on to the edge of the board with magnets, to explain, for example, the content of the food served.
6. After usage, hang back to wall to serve as magnetic board.

Why use Spontan magnetic board instead of some random piece of metal? Spontan has finished look and ready made clean cut edges, which keeps the coolers in right place (under the board) so the platform doesn’t wobble. The edges also hide the coolers. And as addition, you can use this in it’s original purpose, as magnetic board. Multifunction also save storage space.

See more of the cooler hack.

~ Johanna, Finland