EXPEDIT reshuffled

Materials: 1 large IKEA EXPEDIT

Well it all seemed quite simple, but in the end took a week to make 🙂

1. Drill additional holes
In my design some of the vertical (short) elements are in their original place, some aren’t, you’ll need to drill holes for those and of those holes some are not all the way through the horizontal elements so take care, you’ll end up with less holes you’ll have to cover circular adhesive foil cutouts can be bought or homemade

2. Assemble the shelf, using the original wooden pins, I cut them in half for the T joints.

3. In case you want to risk hanging the shelf you’ll need 4 large and sturdy L shape consoles. I found some with a U cross section, this way the 4 bottom vertical elements did fit into them and made them almost invisible. But I also had to make cuts in the back side of the bottom most horizontal element to be able to get it close to the wall.

4. Of course you’ll need to use the supplied top fixings (the more the better)

Oh and it would look way better on a colored wall and rotated 90°

~ Martin Lepej, Slovakia