Easy (really easy) way to change Expedit Shelving into a media centre

Materials: Expedit Shelving, saw.

Description: Easy (really easy) way to change Expedit Shelving into a media centre.

EXPEDIT shelving unit beech effect: Article Number: 501.030.86
EXPEDIT Insert with door, high-gloss grey x 4 Article Number: 401.982.02

And instructions for putting the shelves together.

Follow instruction of the above manual as far as number 4 on page 10.

There are 3 long panels in the pack (red dot), two are used as per instructions (one at each end of the shelving unit), but the third one is place perpendicularly to the other two.

So the next step is to take this long panel, 4 dowels (118740 which you cut in half) and then insert these half dowels into the central holes until they are flush with one surface and protrude on the other.

There are 4 small panels (blue dot), you will use three of them and one will be discarded.

One is already in place according to the instructions, and the second one will be placed in the normal way at the other end of the unit. The third one (blue dot) is now fixed to the long panel (red dot) via the protruding dowels.

You now have a T shaped shelf which you place into the unit in place of two of the short panels, it forms a large shelf on which to place your media equipment.

The rest of the construction proceeds as the instruction booklet.

Once the piece is assembled you place the four insert cupboards in the bottom half of the unit. As well as providing space for your CD/DVDs it hides all the wiring of the media equipment.

~ Michele Findlay, Seaford