Faktum cabinets bed

lit 705396
lit 705396

Materials: 6 Faktum cabinets (2 80X58 cm, 1 30X58, 2 80X37, and 1 30X37)

Description: This is not a very new hack, cause we’ve seen many Malm, Stolmen or Expedit «structures» for beds here but I really can’t remember if I saw some with Faktum kitchen cabinets… ?

We used different depths of Faktum cabinets for this project. When you have small bedrooms, you are looking for any ideas that could provide place for storage, especially in a kid’s room, for both books, games, old clothes, new clothes etc… So, we first thought … Expedit, as often seen here…

But finally we chose Faktum cabinets, and the main idea is to provide a large depth, as deep as the bed in fact.

faktum1 703599
faktum2 704122
litIKEA 704854

For that purpose, we put 37 cm depth cabinets BEHIND 58 cm depth cabinets, so that we have a very important place for storage at the bottom of the bed…

We chose 2 cabinets of 80 cm width with a 30 cm width one in the middle.
Then you just have to screw a slatted bed base on the structure, and a mattress, and…that’s it!

We store clothes, quilts (behind), books, games, dolls, etc…it is a revolution when you have few space because of sloping walls !

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~ Marie-H, France, Morbihan

Jules Yap