Hang more than curtains with a Kvartal Curtain Rail

hanging file folder for vintage desk

Materials: Kvartal curtain rail, saw, drill, hammer, desk

Description: Vintage desks are beautiful, but not always functional & standard “add your own hanging file folder kits” didn’t fit my desk. I had a Kvartal rail piece left over & it was a perfect fit!

1) Measure the width of the drawer, add 1″ to that measurement, & cut 2 pieces of the Kvartal rail to that size. (I used a chop saw, but a hand saw or tin snips should also work.)

2) Drill a hole in each side of the drawer for the rail to sit in. Make sure the hole isn’t too big or the rail will be loose. I used a drill to start the hole & then my Dremel to finish it, but you could continue with larger drill bits until you have the right size hole.

3) Insert the rail into the holes & use a hammer to gently knock it into place (it should be a snug fit).

4) Repeat this process to add a rail to the back of the drawer. (Use your hanging file folder to decide where to position the back rail).

5) Hang your file folders & enjoy! Notice that the file folders hang length wise (instead of the traditional across) in a vintage desk drawer.

~ Sissy J, Chicago

Jules Yap