Kvartal panels mounted inside a sliding glass door

Materials: May need a grinder, or the exact sized screws (sheet metal screws for metal framed doors), plus the regular Kvartal tools

Description: A 3 panel combination fits perfectly inside a 6 ft wide sliding glass door.

1. Join 2 triple tracks, Cut the track to fit the opening, leaving a 1/4 gap on each end to fit the end caps.

2. Mount the 3 mounting brackets on the inside top of the door frame, screwing to the metal or vinyl door frame. This is the only tricky part. The screws should be sheet metal screws for metal frames, and wood screws for vinyl frames. Use self-drillers or drill pilot holes.

Be sure length of screw will not stick through so far as to block door from sliding past the screws. Not having handy, the perfect length of screw, I used grinder to grind down end of screws. I was able to fit the grinder in the door frame after mounting the brackets, but you can also grind them down in a vice. The screws for the bracket on the fixed side of the slider did not require grinding down, because the door did not reach that far—the protruding screws did not interfere.

Mount the end brackets 1/4 inch from the end to allow room for the end caps. The bracket at the seem may need to be shortened with a grinder or hacksaw to not interfere with the sliding of the door, in which case you will scr ew only one screw into the door frame. You may, alternately, be able to screw brackets into top of door frame to avoid having to worrying a out the length of screws. But, then you would need to drill holes through brackets at top of brackets.

3. The rest of the assembly is a normal 3 panel Kvartal assembly.

~ Paul Nugent, Phoenix

Jules Yap