LACK meadow play table

Materials: LACK table, TROFAST box & lid, SKUTTA place mat, SMYCKA flowers, jig saw, hot glue gun

This hack was inspired by a recent Lego table hack I saw on this site and wanted to do one for my little cousin for Christmas. The only “problem” was that he’s got a twin sister so I needed to create a “girly” version for her. (Things tend to come in twos for twins.) That’s how I came up with this play table idea. I wanted to paint a meadow on the white LACK table at first but when I went shopping at Ikea I found the SKUTTA place mat and so me cute SMYCKA flowers that gave me another idea.

After cutting out the table tops and installing the TROFAST boxes (just like in the other hack) I hot glued the place mat to the table and then hot glued the flowers as well.

It was really easy and my niece loved it.

Some tips to make your life easier if you want to do either this or the Lego table hack:

I’ve wasted quite some time trying to figure out exactly what shape to cut out for the boxes until I realised simply outlining the TROFAST lid did the trick. Jigsaw this shape out and then put the box in the hole and outline the little corners (you’ll understand when you look at the under side of the box). Then simply refine the corners and you’re done. The hole won’t be the exact shape but it’s a snug enough fit and the sawing is done in about 15 minutes.

When buying the flowers, get the ones that have a plastic only stem (the red flower on the pic isn’t one of them). The flowers with metal wires are hard to cut and can be sharp. The flower heads of the plastic only variety simply pop off.

~ Balázs, Budapest, Hungary