Lack Table Upgrade

Materials: Ikea Lack Table, two straight hinges with screws, fabric, teddy bear stuffing, staple gun.

Description: Using the two straight hinges connect the two tables together. You can place the hinges on the bottoms of the tables, but for a stronger support-place them on the sides of the table.

Because you’ve joined the two tables together you only need to have four legs to hold the bench up instead of all eight.

Place your Teddy Bear stuffing on the bench, as thick or as thin as you would like. Then using your staple gun wrap the fabric around the bench and then teddy bear stuffing, and staple to the underneath.

Continue to do this along each side, pulling the fabric as tight as it can go-to make it look more professional.

And that’s it!

See more of the Lack bench.

~ Kari, Utah