Less is More with Lack

Materials: LACK Side table on casters

Description: We streamlined our computer, TV, and high-end stereo system into one elegant system and wanted a simple, modern, unobtrusive way to display the amplifier and monitor.

The Lack side table perfectly fit the amp, is sturdy enough hold the 24″iMac, and has wheels so we can roll it away when not in use or position perfectly for TV or stereo use.

1. Cut a whole in the top of the table so the iMac cables can run inside and be hidden. Cover with a standard computer desk grommet.

2. Cut a piece of matching melamine board to make a removable back panel. Cut a hole in the panel and cover with another grommet, allowing cables to come out the back. Line edges with thin felt so the panel fits securely in place but allows easy access. We bundled the power, speaker and cable line in a braided cable sleeve so they’re neat and protected, giving a “tail” effect.

Voila! People love to see this and don’t even understand how something so small and simple can work. Good-bye gigantic home electronics stations!

~ Gail Wilkins, New York, NY

Jules Yap