Hackers Help: Old BILLY glass doors on new BILLY

We recently bought a few BILLYs. As the BILLY glass doors were disproportionately expensive, I decided to try my luck in online classifieds. Today, I picked up a pair of nice glass doors. They look more or less like the MORLINDEN model.

IKEA items used: Post-2014 model BILLY, pre-2014 full glass doors


However, it quickly turned out that the holes on the new BILLY are way too small for the screws that came with the door. Dang! I searched online, and found a Hackers’ Help topic discussion on the opposite issue: New model doors on an older version BILLY.

Hackers Help: Old full glass doors on new BILLY

Hackers Help: Old full glass doors on new BILLY

In my case, I am wondering if I can simply buy the new model screws (113287 for Oxberg doors?). Will they work? Will they (and the smaller holes on the Billy) be able to support the old door’s weight? Has anybody tried this before? Thanks for any input.

~ Ben