Hackers Help: Any tips on hanging BEKVÄM spice rack?

I’m trying to attach the BEKVÄM spice rack to the side of my daughter’s table, and it is proving to be impossible. Any tips? I’m ready to pull my hair out. 🙂

Using round head 1 inch wood screws.

Thank you,

~ by Amber


Hi Amber

I think the main issue is with the round screw heads. The heads are too thick for the slot of the keyhole hanger. Ditch them and use flat screw heads like the ones I used for mine.

Before installing the screw, test that the screw head is not too large (or too small) for the keyhole. You should be able to slot it in comfortably through the larger circle of the keyhole and slide the flat head of the screw up to the neck of the keyhole hanger. It should then lock into position.

bekvam spice rack installation

Orientation wise, the keyhole hangers should have the larger circle towards the bottom. Do make sure you do not have the hangers installed upside down. (If I remember correctly, the hangers comes pre-installed in the BEKVÄM).

Don’t mind my BEKVÄM. It looks a bit different because I hacked it. But the hangers are the original ones.

Hope that helps.

Good luck


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