The Foldable Udden Desk

The Foldable Udden Desk

UDDEN drawer unit, PAX BALLSTAD closer door, PERFEKT plinth, plus various bits and pieces. Screwdriver, Sandpaper, Saw etc. etc.

Description: This might not be your typical hack that people can try themselves but I hope it will help inspire people to solve their own furniture problems. 🙂

I’ve been making videoreviews of DVD box sets on youtube for a few years and always filmed my videos on a plain white table. After moving my DVD collection to a much smaller room I came up with the idea of building my own custom-style reviewing table in order to save on space. The basic premise was to design a table that would be somewhat transformable so I could minimize it when I wasn’t using it.

I bought all my items brand new from IKEA and started to build.

I used an UDDEN drawer unit as a small table by adding a sawed off closet door (PAX BALLSTAD) to the top of it (the drawer unit doesn’t come with a top as it’s actually only meant to be hung from a work bench).

Then I used another part of the closet door together with a PERFEKT plinth to make an extended desk that you can fold down when it’s not needed.

And that’s it. A drawer unit, a closet door and a plinth turned into a clever desk.

I also made a video about this project where I talk about the process and show more of it.

~ Oskar Falk, Sweden

Jules Yap