The other cat tree

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1 749332


Searching the internet for a cat tree, which did not look like one, I landed on An I found the tree of Maria and Jan Ove Gjerde Strand, Norway.

I was immediately impressed and inspired by this tree, because it is easy to clean and defective parts can be changed easily.

Now you can see here the German version.

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One hole drilled with a 52mm holesaw through the LACK table (used with only 3 legs)
Steps made of 4 ANTONIUS shelves also drilled with 52mm holes for the STOLMEN pole and 9mm holes for the STOLMEN fastening kit.

For a better look, I’ve painted the nuts white

The ANTONIUS shelves I have partially covered with BORRIS floor mats, these are rubberized on the back so no further fastening is necessary

~ Boris S., Germany

Jules Yap