9 = 3 faux apothecary drawers for girl’s room

faux apothecary drawers

Here’s my tricky RAST faux apothecary drawers called Nine equals Three.

My daughter Valentina (6 years old) and I (Miguel Angel, 54) made it. The dresser looks like a nine drawer chest but it’s really just three drawers.

Material list:
  • IKEA RAST chest of drawers
  • Some sheets for paper patch work
  • Nine thin (3 mm) wood veneers
  • Spray paint
  • Transparent glue for wood
  • Nine colored knobs

The process for the faux apothecary drawers is very simple:

1. Cut the wood veneers to the right size to fit 3 of them on each RAST drawer front. You could get the hardware shop to cut them for you, if you don’t have the tools to do so.

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2. Then, decorate the wood veneers with papers using a patch work style. We chose a variety of matching papers but in different colours and tones. After that, we cut and glued on irregular pieces of paper using a transparent wood glue. (eg. Mod Podge)

3. While you wait for your decorated wood pieces to dry, spray paint the RAST frame. You can paint the drawers too if you want but we didn’t as they would not be visible.

4. Once the glue has dried, nail the decorated wood veneers to the front of the drawers.

DIY faux apothecary drawers for girl's room

5. As a final touch, make new holes on the front for knobs. Add the new colored knobs and that’s it, your faux apothecary drawers are done.

DIY faux apothecary drawers for girl's room

Now, our tricky RAST is ready for Valentina’s bedroom! I only spent around €70 in total ($80 roughly), including the IKEA RAST itself.

~ by Miguel

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