3-Pointer! Recycled timber vs basketball vs Ikea Klubbo

recycled wood klubbo table

Materials: Klubbo (Nest of 3) Tables

Description: We’d bought an Ikea set of tables a few years ago. They served us well, even surviving our first daughter and her drawing / painting / play-doh / doll mash-ups. Over time the veneer cracked, and edging started to peel away. The tables’ futures were sealed…

We needed new tables but i’d also been reading a lot about recycled timbers, particularly local Australian native hardwoods. These woods have beautiful colours, are very high quality and unique. Moreover, if you can locate a specialist native timber recycling yard, you are doing your bit to repurpose rather than always ‘buy new’.

recycled wood klubbo table

The metal Klubbo frame was still in good condition, so I simply wanted to remove the tops, and replace with great quality timber, that could I cut to size.

recycled wood klubbo table

The great folk at the urban salvage yard, helped me select some colourful Blackwood timber, previously used as Basketball court floorboards. Best part, was it retained all of the line markings, and when put together with careful selection, allowed great patterns – Unique, quality design to be proud of. The timber cost a bit, but I was able to saw to size, and configure to the right height & shape (different for each of the three tables), to still nest together.

(Oh, and the old table top(s), became the base for a 2nd artwork, using old fence timber.

Happy with the outcome.

~ Jonno Cartwright