Custom Multimedia Console

Materials: EXPEDIT + 1 board + metal reinforcement + fixing material

How to build a cheap console (less than 200 euros including 85 euro Ikea furniture) to put
– one video projector
– one multimedia amplifier
– two surround speakers
– one STB
– two video-game consoles

with three constraints:
– no visible wire
– wallpaper behind should still be visible
– people should say “it doesn’t fall”?

1st step: make a scheme with respect to your wall length and height.
The whole illusion is based on the horizontal wood board on the floor which has to be reinforced with some metal

2nd step: assemble all elements horizontally on the floor having in mind that you need very long screws because agglomerated is very soft especially in horizontal direction

3rd step: get some help to get all vertical, with the soft agglomerated, you should push all elements together else screws will snatch

4th step: add some decoration like colored LEDs and flowers

~ Bruno MARTIN, France