Faktum/Nexus "String" Kitchen


Materials: Faktum/Nexus Kitchen

Description: I built a nice ‘String’ kitchen using Ikea Faktum kitchen cabinets with Nexus brown doors/fronts/cover panels and “String” side panels.
“String-shelf” is a Swedish popular shelf from the 1950s…

My idea was to create a kitchen that felt more like a piece of furniture since we lived in a really small apartment and the living room was the same room.. So from there I used the Faktum/Nexus kitchen cabinets and complemented with the string side panels.


What I realized in my planning was that it (in Sweden and with my budget) was impossible to find cabinet doors in wood, which was the same as the countertop… It’s strange that cabinet sides and doors in the kitchen always has a contrasting top, while a sideboard often has the same…

Because of that I used cover panels for the countertop, strengthened it underneath with Nexus doors.

The result was very good, also added Perfekt Rounded deco strip/moulding against the wall, inside the countertop to get a small protrusion of the countertop .. I painted the countertop once more to make it more impact resistant.

Then I realized that there is also the same problem to find shelves in the same material as the cabinet doors, so the cover panels came in use again, with reinforcement against the wall in the center rear.

We were very pleased with the result, a vibrant personal kitchen!

~ Elina Shaw, Sweden