FAKTUM sideboard – Revisited

Materials: Faktum, Perfekt, Rationell Variera

Description: Since I was quite satisfied with my first FAKTUM sideboard, and I wanted another cabinet in the same room, I decided to do another one, with a little twist: it should double as a herbs greenhouse.

I used:
4x FAKTUM wall cabinets, 50cm wide
2x PERFEKT grey cover panel for wall cabinet
1x PERFEKT grey cover panel for tall fridge cabinet (60×211)
4x ABSTRAKT white doors for wall cabinet, 50cm wide
4x YSTER door handle, white
2x wooden beam (height 48mm)
3x RATIONELL VARIERA kitchen cabinet tray
Wood screws

How to:
The cabinets should be put together as described in my first FAKTUM sideboard, but before putting the cabinets together, make sure to cut out the shape of the makeshift flowerpots from the cabinet sides and tops. Before adding the top cover panel, cut out holes for the flowerpots in there as well.
The cabinet is installed in my corridor to the garden, having lots of sun as the garden faces south and the corridor has a transparent roof. Perfect for fresh herbs during the winter.

~ FoxVictor, Sint-Truiden, Belgium