From the bathroom to the craft room

craft room

Materials: Expedit shelving Unit, Molger towel rail, molger toilet paper holder, drona boxes

Description: To set up my crafting corner I used some items that used to be in my old bathroom and for which I no longer had any use.

In this hack I used:

– An Expedit 2×2 shelving unit that I turned into a table with storage. I simply cut a 60 cm x 100 cm mdf board and screwed it to the expedit unit using small metal brackets. The I covered this board with fabric, using a staple gun. To complete the look I chose a fabric I liked, cut 50 cm x 55 cm rectangles and covered the front of 4 drona boxes, pinning the fabric in place.

craft room

– A Molger towel rail (it is an old one, this model is no longer on sale in Portugal) that I turned into a shelf. For this I cut a 85 cm x 14 cm board, covered it with fabric, again using a staple gun, and glued it to the molger towel rail, transforming it into a shelf.

craft room

– A Molger toilet paper holder, or should I say half of it, because I only used the parts that attach it to the wall to make a ribbon rail. For this I also needed a 82,5 cm wooden rod, with a diameter of 0.8 cm.

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~ Leonor Alves, Lisbon, Portugal