Glowing Flower

muffin liner lamp shade

Materials: IKEA Regolit Lamp, small and big paper muffin liners,a pair of scissors, glue

Description: I was a little bit bored by our Regolit Lamp, so I changed it a little bit.

First you have to cut the sides until the bottom of the Paper Muffin Liners.
After this you have to turn the paper muffin liners inside out and glue some of the smaller paper muffin liners into the bigger one.

muffin liner lamp shade
muffin liner lamp shade

Then you just have to glue the paper muffin liners on the REGOLIT lamp – DONE 🙂

I love it and it reminds me on a dandelion seed head…

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~ Ahnungslose Wissende, Germany

Jules Yap