Lack coffeetable drawing

Materials: Lack, black marker, Glitsa

Description: We have a Lack coffee table that has been used for six years, and unfortunately there were some small damages on the tabletop. I first found it a too big and too white surface to put in our new living room, but I did want to use the table because it’s a very practical one. So I decided to make a drawing on it, so that it would cover the damages and make it a less white & more unique table.

I used a black marker for this drawing. They always say black markers are permanent, but it’s easy to wash the ink off with a rough sponge. There will always get scratches on the table, so in time the drawing would just damage and disappear… So I had to roughen the tabletop a little bit first, after that I made the drawing (took a couple of days…) and then I finished it with 3 layers of Glitsa lacquer. The result is quite nice, I think 🙂

~ Sofie, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Natalie’s version (updated 1 Sept, 2012)

Lack Coffee Table Becomes a piece of Art

Materials: Ikea Lack Coffee Table, Sharpie pens (x2), Plastikote super clear acrylic satin spray.

Description: 1. I very lightly sanded the surface of the table to provide something for the marker to adhere to.
2. I used a sharpie permanent marker to draw patterns on the table. (any permanent marker will do, I got through two sharpies!)
3. I left it to dry thoroughly
4. I sprayed the whole surface with Plastikote spray super clear satin varnish (gloss would work also depending on preference)
5. I left the spray to dry overnight and repeated this 4 times.
6. Voila a useful piece of art in my living room!

~ Natalie, Manchester

Jules Yap