LACK + kitchen counter top = modern TV stand/ Entertainment Center

LACK Shelf, NUMERAR countertop, CAPITA Legs

Description: Looking for a flat modern entertainment unit, we couldn’t find anything we liked and so we “stumbled” over the older LACK shelf we had in our house. With the help of the CAPITA legs we added the NUMERAR counter top in oak on top (we bought the longest length available).

As a backdrop we used 3 side panels of an IVAR system, mounted together and then we stretched some fabric (also IKEA) over it to create a huge canvas like wall decoration. The whole unit was mounted on big 4″ industrial heavy duty casters to make it even more unique. We love the modern look and it fits our entertainment components perfectly. It also gives enough room and possibilities for decorations.

1. We drilled holes in the top of the LACK shelf and screwed down the bottom plastic cap of the capita legs. (see pic) Carefully measure on both ends so it fits.

2. We then mounted the legs on the underside of the kitchen counter top. We oiled the beautiful wood. This board is very heavy- you definitely need 2 people holding it. We mounted it asymmetrical, not centered to each other to give the piece more interest.

3. Mount the casters on the underside of the LACK SHELF, then set counter top carefully on top. Tip: we used stacked books a bit higher to “park” the heavy wood and then we arranged it in the perfect position lining up with the leg caps.

For the backdrop we used 1 small and 2 wide IVAR side units, cut them to length and screwed them together to build a stable frame. We used the fabric GUNILLA- about 2 yards. The fabric fits perfectly in width and so it was easy to stretch it and staple it in the back.

Total costs approximately $300/ time one afternoon, plus drying time for the wood treatment.

We very much enjoyed this and are very happy with the result.

~ S+U, Cortlandt Manor