Rubi Bar Barcelona

Materials: 10 NUMERAR worktops & GRUNDTAL glass shelves

Description: I built the back bar and the bartop itself from Ikea worktops and shelving. I first mapped out my design with chalk on the wall, then cut out cardboard stencils for half of the back bar design.

Then I laid the cardboard stencils ontop of the Ikea tops and then using a jig-saw I cut them all out and then pieced them together onto the wall.

The bar was build by throwing out the existing rotten bartop and attaching the ikea worktops to the existing brackets. Then I chalked out my designs and once again jig-sawed them all.

Then we sanded and vanished and installed lights!

~ matthew chambers, Rubi Bar, Banys Vells 6, Barcelona, Spain

Jules Yap