Lack Shelf to rolling iMac Stand

Lack Shelf to rolling iMac Stand

One Lack Shelf, Four small casters, Approx. 24 inches of 1×3, One drawer pull & Liquid Nails

Description: My husband and I sit face to face at a double sided workstation. We both use the same desktop iMac and needed a way to share it, without having to trade sides of the desk, or drag it across the table. We wanted a wall mounted arm, but when I saw the price I nearly dropped dead ($350!!!) This was my solution using the LACK shelf.

Lack Shelf to rolling iMac Stand
Lack Shelf to rolling iMac Stand

Drill pilot holes on the bottom of the LACK shelf and use a Dremmel or jig saw to cut out two rectangles. (There is a rather thick frame, so you have to measure in from the edges about an inch)

I suppose you could remove the entire bottom, but I wanted to maintain some strength in the middle.

Remove the pieces you cut out (The laminate can be popped off with a screwdriver) and then remove all of the ‘honey comb’ cardboard from the inside. A putty knife worked well for this.

Lack Shelf to rolling iMac Stand

Drill a hole on the front edge of the shelf and insert your drawer pull. Inserting the screw might require tiny fingers.

Cut your piece of 1×3 lumber into two pieces that will fit in the rectangles that you just cut out of the LACK.

Pre-drill holes and attach the wheels to the 1×3. Make sure you place them in such a manner that they can fully rotate without hitting the edges of the LACK frame. Make sure your screws do not go through the other side.

Coat the interior of your shelf, and the back side of your 1×3’s with Liquid Nails. Place them into the LACK shelf and clamp for a few hours.

Remove clamps, turn shelf over. Place computer on top. Voila!

Lack Shelf to rolling iMac Stand

WARNING!!!! It is VERY VERY easy to drill or cut through the other side. The laminate is very thin.

~ Dawn