Musician’s Keyboard Drawer

Musician's Keyboard Drawer

Materials: Fredrik Desk, 2 Ekby Jarpen Shelves, drawer hardware and brackets (from Home Depot)

Assemble the desk according to the instructions except the desktop is put in place after the keyboard drawer is attached. This is kinda tricky.

Using a circular saw and one of the shelves, cut the two drawer end pieces. Layout the two pieces so that the finished edges will be visible and the saw-cut edges won’t be seen.

Musician's Keyboard Drawer
Musician's Keyboard Drawer
Musician's Keyboard Drawer

There is a metal support that runs under the desktop. Make a notch in the drawer end pieces with a jig saw so that they can be fastened to the bottom of the desktop and not conflict with the support piece.

Cut the other shelf to be a bit more narrow than the desk top, the drawer hardware plus end pieces.

Use 3 inch speed screws to attach the drawer tracks to the end of the shelf that the keyboard sits on. The other halves of the track are screwed to the end pieces.

With the drawer and end pieces assembled, I used some heavy duty 90 degree brackets (two on each side) to attach the drawer to the bottom of the desk top.

~ Jay, Palatine