My best BESTA-bookshelf

Materials: BESTA shelves, TOMBO doors, INREDA extra inserts, aluminium angles, screws, screwdriver, drill, pencil, ruler, spirit level, black paint, brush, wallpaper, wallpaper paste, roller, knife, something for roughening (sharp knife)

We used: 1 BESTA shelf unit 120/40/192, 1 BESTA shelf unit 120/40/38, 1 BESTA shelf unit 60/40/128, 3 TOMBO glass doors 60/64, 3 INREDA extra inserts 56/36. Aluminium angles, screws, black paint, 1 roll of wallpaper, wallpaper paste, roller, … books!


1. Fix wallpaper on backside of shelves: therefore
a) shorten backside of low shelf (1-2cm)
b) roughen surface of all 3 shelves (it happened to me, that the wallpaper came down from the 2 smaller shelves. caused by the very glossy surface?)
c) stick wallpaper on inlay of Tombo-doors.
d) if you like: paint angles for connecting shelf
and let it all dry well (overnight)


2. Build the 2 taller shelves (according to the instructions)
3. 3rd shelf: build as well, but omit the basic plate (I used it as top- and lower-plate for the connecting shelf in the middle). Fix it to the top of the big shelf (for stronger hold: take off the top plate of the big shelf and fix the low shelf on top, fix it from the underside with extra screws. than put it all on the big shelf again and fix with the provided screws).

4. Connecting shelf: in my case the room was just some cm too small for another Besta-shelf, so I had to connect the shelves with extra inserts cut to the right length. Top and lower plate came from the shelf as posted.

For fixing: I used aluminium angles and screws that I painted black.
note: here the wallpaper is stuck on the wall – so this shelf is some cm deeper than the others.

5. Install Tombo-doors.

6. Fill and enjoy your individually tailored shelf!

7. If you don’t like the design of the wallpaper anymore, I think it should be quite easy to change it…

~ Gaby & Wolf, Austria

Jules Yap