BESTA media unit with textile front

Materials: BESTA TV unit, INREDA Flip down fixture, AINA fabric, 32x120cm 16mm MDF, 4.2x16mm wood screws

Description: Since IKEA didn’t have a door for the BESTA TV bench that met my requirements, I decided to make one myself. It had to be able to let air through to provide ventilation for my home cinema system, so I opted for a textile front. This also let me use remote controls with the door closed.


1. Drill holes in each corner of the MDF plate and use a jigsaw to cut the large holes. You have to leave at least 5cm edges where you are going to attach the flip down fixtures. 6cm would probably be a smart idea.
2. Either use glue or staples to fasten the textile to the frame. I used contact glue. Apply the glue to both surfaces, wait 15 minutes until dry before pressing the surfaces together.
3. Use clamps to provide sufficient pressure
4. Attach the fixture to the TV bench with the supplied screws and to the front with 4.2x16mm wood screws.

~ Are, Oslo, Norway