My Very Own Rast Hack

Materials: Rast, Sand Paper, Spray Primer, Spray Paint, Brown Wood Stain, Old Rag (For Stain), Drop Cloth to protect floors, Clear Acrylic Sealer, Glass drawer knobs, Power Drill

Description: I decided to jump on the Rast bandwagon and create my very own personalized dresser with the bland Rast.

First I lightly sanded & wiped down all sides.

I wanted the drawers to be bright blue, so I used one coat of spray primer & two coats of bright blue spray paint on the fronts of the drawers only.

I used one coat of brown stain on the top & sides. I let everything (paint and stain) dry for three days, then I sealed the entire dresser with clear acrylic sealer. I used two coats, letting the first coat dry for 24 hours before applying the second coat.

I had to re-drill the knob holes so the beautiful, new glass knobs I bought would screw on.

There you have it! A beautiful, personalized piece of furniture that I finished in less than a week.

I use it to store my fabric for all my sewing projects. I had so much fun doing this hack though, I want to make more dressers for every room in my house!

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~ Beth, Baltimore

Jules Yap