Speaker stands for vintage Diatone speaker system

Materials: Chopping board Kraftig, chopping board Magazin, countertop NUMERAR

Description: I needed good solid stands for for vintage Diatone speaker system. The speaker system is very heavy, 27 kg /piece, stands should be sturdy and rigid.

The general idea – posts must be stable and unnoticeable in the interior.
I do not like the design of high-tech style.

Design and construction I came up with himself.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the carpentry workshop… where to get a good semi-manufactured material from wood? It’s not the first time I am using products from Ikea to craft for my home ..so I made a quick and direct route to IKEA.

The easy way .. find and use off-label.

So, my choice:
– chopping board Kraftig
– chopping board Magazin

And a NUMERAR countertop leftover from a previous project.

OK, stages:

1) Chopping board Kraftig – this will be the base of the stands.

– chopping board Magazin – top shelf.
With a hacksaw need to cut off the part, get a top shelf and the rear side.

countertop NUMERAR – from the old remnants made the vertical column, also with a hacksaw.

2) Fitting

3) Toning all parts of the same color.
I pasted on contact paper, same wood colour.

Finish varnished with lacquer.

4) So, assembly.

Drilled 4 holes top and bottom.

Long screws are very hard to tighten.
To make it easier to tighten, they were lubricated with liquid soap.

Felt glued to the bottom of the Base, felt just bought in Ikea.


The End !!!

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~ Sergey, Moscow, Russia.