Paper Pendant Lights

Materials: Orgel Pendant Lamp Shade

Description: Purchased track lighting rail from Lowe’s and made a custom electrical splice in box that connects cord to 110V rail. I dropped the Hemma cord down and used twist tie to adjust length to create a custom lighting set over dining room table. Used with dimmer switch, the lights dim down to create a intimate dinner setting. The table can be adjusted to seat 4 or lengthened to seat 10. Table was also purchased at Ikea.

Pendant lamp shade, natural
Article Number: 600.212.74
Shade of handmade paper; each shade is unique

Cord set, white
Article Number: 101.758.10
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Dining table, brown-black
The price reflects selected options
Article Number: 701.162.62
Extendable dining table with 2 extra leaves seats 6-10; makes it possible to adjust the table size according to need.

~ Mike, Mt. Lookout (Cincinnati, Ohio)