Shedding new light on the bedroom

Materials: IKEA Orgel Pendant Lamp Shade, IKEA Hemma Cord Set, IKEA Anno Inez Panel Curtain, Glue Gun, Command 3M Wire Hooks, Command 3M Small Picture Hanging Strips (Velcro), 4 wooden shims, Scissors

Description: My last hack detailed the construction of the loft bed frame. This hack adds lighting, and makes the room warmer.


1. Assemble Orgel and Hemma light.
2. Hang light using the wire hooks.
3. Cut the Anno Inez panel in half.
4. Hot glue two of the wooden shims across the bottom of the panel (for weight, to keep the panel in place). Fold the fabric over the other side of the shim, and glue again.
5. Fold the top of the panel ½ inch, and hot glue it in place (so as not to leave a fraying edge exposed). Fold another ½ inch, and glue again.
6. Attach Velcro strips on the top fold of the panel curtain, and on the ceiling, making sure to cover as much of the cord as possible.
7. Attach the Velcro strips to the fabric and to the wall, approximately 2 feet down the panel. Make sure the fabric hangs straight, and hangs at an angle.
8. Attach one last Velcro strip on the corner of the fabric-covered shim, and attach to the wall, making sure the fabric hangs straight. (You can’t put the Velcro strips on both sides, because the cord makes it impossible for the shims to lay flat against the wall.
9. Since the Hemma Cord Set doesn’t have an on/off switch, I plan on hooking the lamps up to The Clapper, so I don’t need to plug the cord into an outlet each time I want to turn it on.

See more photos here.

~ Angie Andrade, Stillwater, OK