Space-efficient IT-Workstation under 250,00 Euro

Space-efficient IT-Workstation

“Vika Amon” (white, table top – 17,00 Euro)
“Vika Annefors” (white – 35,00 Euro)
“Vika Alex” (white – 60,00 Euro)
“Vika Byske” (table top – 79,00 Euro)
“Ekby Alex” (white – 39,00 Euro)
2x “Signum” wireway (10 Euro – not required once another the table stands towards another table)
4x Torx-screws 6×60 (T30)
4x Torx-Schrauben 10×60 (T30)

More tools und materials:
Auro Furniture Balm No. 173 – 9,90 Euro
Cordless screwdriver with a T30-Bit
Noname polishing machine (z.B. PM120 from Bonus – 30 Euro)

Description: We at the t3n magazine looking for a IT-Workstation solution which is much more space-efficient than the old one and will cost under 250,00 Euro.

Space-efficient IT-Workstation

1) Make a scribble of the proposed solution and measure your space thoroughly!
2) Assemble all individual IKEA-elements
3) Put all elements as shown on the scribble and screw them
4) We’ve fixed the “Vika Byske” table top with the help of “TORX”-Screws from the bottom with the “Vika Amon”

Space-efficient IT-Workstation

5) To protect the “Vika Byske” tabletop we have used the “Auro Furniture Balm No. 173” (wax finish). For this you can simply use a hand polishing machine (see picture)
6) Now simply screw the “EKBY Alex” with the refined “Vika Byske” table top (from the bottom with “TORX”-screws)
7) Last but not least – using “TORX” screws on the rear underside of the “Vika Amon” tabletop to fix the Signum wireway.

Space-efficient IT-Workstation
Space-efficient IT-Workstation

See more of the IT workstation including a detailed manual (in german).

~ t3n Magazin, Hannover – Germany