Stapler art on LACK table

Stapler art on LACK table

LACK table, STROMBY frame, glue, rubber eraser

IKEA LACK table is fantastic for add-on design due to it’s original plain design, I chose my favorite photo from “Marilyn Monroe” to be this stapler art.

Stapler art on LACK table

1) Using pencil to hand-sketch the layout of the stapler art object on the LACK table.

2) Put on the glue together with staplers, slowly paste on the hand-sketched object. It could be freely placed those staplers horizontally or vertically, until the whole layout appears.

3) Use eraser to erase those extra hand-sketched pencil line on the LACK Table after finished placing all the staplers.

4) Using Ikea STROMBY frame to cover up the entire stables art with extra protection.

~ Andy Low

Jules Yap