Varde island with stainless Vika Hyttan desktop hack

Materials: Drill, screwdriver

Description: This one is a relatively simple hack with a stylish final product. My wife and I were planning on using a Varde kitchen island in our kitchen, and decided on a four-door Varde base cabinet, which didn’t come with a counter top.

Now for the hack: we had looked at the Varde counter tops, as well as the other kitchen counter tops, but didn’t find one we liked that much. Our kitchen cabinets were wood coloured, and we also had a small older Varde island with wooden top so we were thinking of doing something different. A trip to the desk area landed our eye on the Vika Hyttan stainless steel desktop. It came in two sizes and luckily the longer one was big enough for our island. The Vika stainless desktops are stainless steel on top with wood on the inside so it was relatively easy to drill holes into the desktop where needed to finish the project, and screw it into place. The Varde base also has holes pre-drilled for where you’re supposed to attach the counter top so it was easy to line up, and also came with screws of the proper length for a counter top.

I’ve only included one photo which shows the final product, as it seems easy enough for anyone to understand. The Vika desktop has pre-drilled holes to use with Vika legs but they are hidden underneath so it’s not really a problem. One night of work and we’ve got ourselves a custom Ikea island!

~ Barron Chung, Markham, Ontario, Canada