Varde counter drawer hacked by kitchen sink

Materials: varde counter, boholmen kitchen sink, atlant strainer, edsvik kitchen faucet

Description: When we were designing our first kitchen, I wanted to avoid chipboard as much as possible and have something sturdy.

That’s why we decided to chose Varde kitchen. On the other hand our kitchen room wasn’t too big, so we had to save the place. That’s why we replaced one drawer in Varde counter with kitchen sink.

We have chosed Ikea kitchen sink, because we could do measurements in one place to make sure this replacement is possible.

The most critical part was to cut the hole in the counter top so that the sink will be functional and not messing with inner construction timbers.

Unfortunately I cannot provide pictures from this process, we were too busy with measuring so we completely left out documentation of the hacking process.

Varde counter we have and Boholmen sink is no longer in Ikea offer, but still this kind of hack could be still performed on other types of kitchen furniture and serve as a inspiration.

~ Jaja, Czech republic