Adjustable Desktop Microphone Boom on a budget

Materials: Black Forså work lamp

Description: I needed an adjustable stand for my microphone, but didn’t want to fork out the incredible amount of money for an official boom which can be mounted on a desk.

After realising that all these overpriced stands look like extendable work lamps, I decided to have a quick look in Ikea and to my surprise, I struck gold.

I picked Black Forså work lamp up for a modest £16.99, went home and cut the existing power cables out and removed the light fixing to the end, then attached the anti-shock mount, using a couple of bits of plastic and some washers to pad it out, as the gap was quite large.

The cables were cabled-tied to the arms to keep everything neat and tidy.

There you have a completely adjustable and compact podcast setup that you can take with you on travels, or just to use at home and still keep all your desk space.

~ Alex F, United Kingdom