APPLÅD and Godmorgon Coffee Table

Materials: APPLÅD doors (60×90 cm), APPLÅD drawer fronts (13×60 cm), Godmorgon legs (22 cm), Screws, construction glue

Description: We had been looking around quite a while for a suitable coffee table for our new penthouse apartment. We had a fairly good idea of what we were looking for, but we couldn’t really find the right model – at least not for a reasonable price.

One day we decided to build our own coffee table and went to IKEA to get:
– 2 APPLÅD doors (60×90 cm
– 2 APPLÅD drawer fronts (13×60 cm
– 4 Godmorgon legs (22 cm)

We built it in three steps:

The first step was to attach 2 APPLÅD drawer fronts to one of the APPLÅD doors to form the base plate of the table. We drilled five holes on each side of the door and used five long screws for each drawer front along with lots of heavy duty construction glue.

The second step was to attach the top door to the base. We didn’t want any screw heads to show (for natural reasons), so we attached the top door using dowels and glue. Since we didn’t have any wooden dowels in our tool box, we used ordinary nails (with chopped off nail heads) that we put in pre drilled holes in the drawer fronts along with construction glue. It was a bit tricky to fit the door exactly right, but since the nails produced tiny marks on the door when we positioned it on top of the drawer fronts, it was easy to see where to drill holes (1 cm deep) along the edges of the top door.

The last step was to attach the Godmorgon legs to the table. We had to play around with the positioning of the legs a few times until we found the positioning that we thought worked well with the design.

The total cost for this project was around 800 SEK (90 EUR or 120 USD).

It is a fairly simple hack, but nevertheless rather elegant, or what do you think?

~ Laura and Johan, Stockholm, Sweden