Best(a) Island for kitchen

Besta Island for kitchen

Materials: Numerär kitchen counter, small Besta shelves, Besta bottle rack, Capita stand, Vinna handles

– Always wanted to have a kitchen island that matches the overall kitchen style
– Needed more space for cooking books that were stored on window ledge (can be seen on the first picture background)
– Wanted to accommodate dustbin and waste-paper as well as empty glass bottles (can be seen on the left hand of the picture below)
– Needed more work space in order to cook with more people in a communicative way

Besta Island for kitchen
Besta Island for kitchen

– From the originally built in kitchen I had remaining from the Numerär kitchen counter
– Bought at Ikea the following
o two small Besta shelves for 30€ each
o four Capita stands for 16€ total
o Besta bottle rack for 10€
o Vinna handles for 10€ for towels
– Bought a flake board at the hardware store for 10€

Technical build
– I started by building the Vinna handles on to the sideboards of the Besta shelves.
– I then finished the corpus of both Besta shelves and placed them back to back on the flake board
– Screwed the flake board on the Besta shelves
– Screwed the base of the Capita stands through the flake board and in to the Besta shelf corpus (for better stability)
– Screwed the Numerär kitchen counter on top of the Besta shelf corpus

It was a one day project including shopping at Ikea. Material costs amounted to 100€ roughly.

Books and bottles are now stored within one side / corpus and dustbin, waste-paper as well as glass bottles are stored within other side / corpus.

~ Neal, Hamburg, Germany

Jules Yap