Bigger, better, cheaper drawers for Expedit

Materials: Expedit, MDF cut to size, felt , glue etc

Description: Yes, of course IKEA sells drawer sets for its Expedit but Pippa DIYs cheaper ones that maximizes your storage space in the Expedit cubby. Compared to the bargain that Expedit is, the drawer inserts are pretty expensive – and the sliding mechanism and surround also take up a relatively large amount of space – leaving one with a pretty puny drawer.

Given the maximum size that a drawer in an Expedit block can be, it’s unlikely to have to be mega strong. These MDF drawers which run smoothly and snugly on felt pads provide maximum storage and are plenty sturdy enough – we store shoe cleaning supplies in one, and vacuum cleaner / dustpan stuff in the other.

Here’s what the finished drawers look like (right) next to the Ikea ones:

Pippa has a tutorial on her blog. Hop over for the full instructions.

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~ Pippa Metcalf, Netherlands