Expedit Wall-unit/TV, with built-in desk


I moved into a fairly large bachelor apartment, and decided that after living as a single adult for about 14 years, it was time I broke down and bought a TV, instead of just using my computer monitor. The only problem was that I only have one appropriate wall on which to place an entertainment unit AND a desk. I also needed storage for books/etc. I also wanted something that would utilize my (relatively) high ceilings while not looking chintzy (so the new Expedit 4×5 TV unit was OUT).

My solution was a simple hack using only Expedit units, some extra screws, and some black screw covers from a hardware store. What you are looking at is, from bottom to top, starting with the lower left, is this: Expedit 2×2, Expedit 4×2 (metal plate screwed to the back to bolt these together to make 6 cubes high by 2 wide), Expedit 4×2 (laid horizontal) with Expedit 4×4 screwed on top, and another Expedit 2×2 + 4×2 combo on the far right. This formed the wall-unit. Then I used another 2×2 to make the “desk” on the left… basically by using only the top and 2 sides, and leaving out the bottom (thick panel) and the shelves.

unit3 unit2

The 4×2 on the top left: I left out the bottom shelves to leave a space for a monitor, inset. For the TV, I just left out the shelves for a 3×2 section of it (which leaves just enough room for a modern 40″ TV… pictured here is my new 40″ Samsung LED). I spray painted some 2″x2″ steel brackets and screwed/glued them under any shelves which had incomplete shelves underneath them ( I wouldn’t trust the free-hanging shelves on only dowels). I also secured it to the wall of course, and used black screw plugs and glue ($0.23 each) to fill in the unused shelf holes. Overall, I’m happy with the functionality and look (though I still need to finish organizing the shelves and buy more storage bins).

Thanks to Ikeahacker for the ideas 🙂