Billy Baby Changing Station

Materials: Billys in 2 sizes, Kusiner storage baskets, Tjusig rack, Tajma wall clock

Description: Since we had used all Ikea furniture in our older son’s room and we thought that perhaps someday our 2 boys might share a room, we wanted to continue on with using matching Ikea furniture so it could all be combined for a nice look. I also couldn’t bear to waste money on a changing table we would only use for a short time. I started designing and came up with our Ikea Billy changing station.

I used two tall narrow Billys and one shorter one with doors and secured a scrap piece of white shelving to the top of the short billy with support in the back to hold the changing pad. In the end, I also added lots of decorative touches including a valance around the top of the setup as well as a neat light my son and I made that works great at night when I don’t want to jolt the baby out of sleepiness but do need to change his diaper.

I outline all the steps in putting this together safely in 2 blog posts: See Part 1 and 2.

~ Julie, Seattle, WA