Kura be Pretty

Materials: Paint, wrapping paper, mod podge, Krylon Clear Glaze spray

Our two little girls share a bedroom and it’s not a very big room at that. We decided that a bunk bed would be wise, and Ikea’s Kura was the perfect choice. [Since it’s not too high for a daredevil two year old to be on.]

With its unfinished wood and bright blue panels, the Kura is quite unattractive as is. So makeover is a must…

Step 1: Paint. While it was put together we painted the wood with a white paint/primer in one. Could have been done while it was apart but this seemed easier. We allowed the first coat to dry over night, then added a second coat. Took about half a quart of paint.

Step 2: Covering Panels. We went back and forth about what to do with the panels. I knew I wanted to cover the blue and ended up going with wrapping paper. This portion of the hack was very frustrating. I had a very hard time gluing [mod podge] the paper on perfectly. Despite my efforts bumps and wrinkles in the paper were inevitable. I had to redo several panels. I love the paper I chose, but if I were to do it again, I would choose something thicker.

Steps 3: Protecting Panels. Since paper is paper and little kids are well… messy, I wanted to at least try to protect the paper I used. I sprayed it with a few coats of krylon clear glaze.

Step 4: Reassemble and twinkle. Once the panels were dry we slid them back in place. Then added a strand of twinkle lights beneath top bunk and Voila!

~ Brittini, Portland Oregon

Jules Yap