Lack kitchen shelving unit/Island

2 Lack Coffee tables (31×45); 4 metal brackets

Description: 1. Completely assemble one of the Lack tables.

2. Put the respective table legs on the second table, but not the lower shelf or shelf brackets. (You could put the shelf on the second table as well, I just chose not to because of the shelf height I wanted).

3. Stack the partially assembled table on top of the fully assembled one (or vice-versa, depending on your shelving needs).

4. Align the metal brackets (purchased separately at hardware store) along the area where the legs/top of the tables meet. Mark the holes to be drilled with a marker/pencil.

5. Drill holes; Be careful! about drilling into the legs, as they feel hollow and you may drill deep enough to lose any tension the screw needs to stay in place.

6. Replace bracket and screw in screws; you may need someone to hold the table legs in place as you secure them.

~ Clare T.