Lack Side Table Beautification

Materials: Ikea Lack Side Table

Ikea Lack side table – $10
8 Brass Corner Plates – 2 packs of 4 came to be $12
Brass Fabric Nails – 3 packs of 25 came to be $6

Small Phillips head screw driver
Tape measure
Small drill for making guide holes, or a nail does the trick if you do not have a drill

Installing the Corner Brackets
Hold the bracket on the corner of the table or legs, use a drill or hammer a nail into the table to create the guide holes for the screws
Screw in the brackets

Adding the Fabric Nails
Use a tap measure before doing anything. I thought I would just try to keep the nails aligned and space them out by guessing, bad idea. It ended looking very sloppy and I had to remove them from the table and re-nail them in. This also damaged that side of the table so I put that side facing the window.
Figure out how many nails are going on each side and measure out the space needed between them to make them even. Also determine where the center of the nail needs to be in order for the line of nails to be straight across.

Take your time and measure, the process is pretty straightforward but you can mess it up if you try to rush it.

See more of the Lack side table.

~ William