Tween a Lack and a Expedit

Materials: 1 LACK Wall shelf, 4 LACK Side tables, 2 1×5 EXPEDIT Shelving units, 2×4 lumber, metal plates, non-slip rug pad

Description: When we returned from Germany we knew we wouldn’t be bringing back my daughter’s old and beat up furniture so we decided to let her create her “tween dream” room. She picked a Moroccan paradise for her inspiration (sure, let’s not make it too easy on Mom and Dad, right?) Of course we couldn’t afford a room full of Moroccan furniture so I turned to Ikea hackers for inspiration.

From the Cali-King “Lackable” Headboard and Platform Bed submission I got the idea for her headboard. I used Heather’s method of assembling the tables and legs to form the headboard. We used the medium LACK wall shelf (which is the exact same size as two LACK side tables) to top the headboard and to help hold it in place.

The platform bed was assembled out of two 1×5 EXPEDIT shelves that were spaced apart by a simple frame of 2×4’s. The entire bed is simply pushed together and against the wall – no fastening required. We placed the no-slip rug pad on top of the platform bed and put a twin mattress (from IKEA of course!) directly on the pad. The mattress, by design, overhangs the sides by about an inch and the foot of the bed by less than two inches. We did this because my daughter has a tendency to launch herself onto her bed and I had no wish for her to stab herself on any exposed corners.

The rest of her room is a mix of Ikea furniture and decoration which were made cohesive by the liberal use of ORB spray paint and the color orange.

~ Jen in Jersey (and Germany and Japan), New Jersey, for this year.