MacBook Pro vertical stand

Materials: BRADA laptop support, Keyhole saw, file

Description: I was looking for a solution for a vertical stand so my MacBook would run cooler while using my external monitor and keyboard/mouse. I cut the stand to half of its original width but if you want to use it as a normal laptop stand, you could just cut this slot in the center.

I measured a good height for the power cable to not be too bent (bottom of MacBook 1 inch above the bottom), and drew a slot the width of the MacBook (again, about an inch). Measure an inch high on the non-curved side and that’s where the slot should end. Cut out the slot using the keyhole saw and file down any rough edges.

Voila! For $2.50, it’s a great solution for keeping the computer noticeably cooler while using an external monitor in closed-lid mode, and if you want to run dual monitors, open the Macbook and place on the stand as normal!

~ Jordan Loeck, Menomonie, WI

Jules Yap