Stairway handrail to heaven!

lighted stairway handrail

Materials: Kvartal ceiling fitting

Description: I wanted to improve safety of stairways leading to the basement in my house by adding an handrail.
However, there were 2 issues…
1- This is a very narrow place so I don’t have room to install a “regular” handrail
2- Usual handrails are ugly and no fun!

Materials needed:
– A lot of Kvartal ceiling fitting
– Plexiglass tubes as you need (2cm diameter, 2m long each)
– LED strip (5m in my case)
– usual set of tools: driller, saw…

lighted stairway handrail
lighted stairway handrail
lighted stairway handrail

The Kvartal pieces are used to attach the Plexiglas tubes to the wall.
The big advantage of these parts over regular handrail parts is that they are only 2.5cm high, so they don’t eat too much space…

Fitting the Kvartal and the tube is a bit tricky, so here is a picture. You need to dig a hole in the Plexiglas. As this plastic is quite hard and can easily break into pieces, you have to use a saw to delimit the area, drill a hole very gently, then remove softly the small bits of plastic with pincers.

The hole shouldn’t be round but oval so you can block the Kvartal in the tube by turning 1/4.

All the rest is just positioning the Kvartal on the wall (use a string to make sure the holes on the wall are aligned all together), drilling and assembling…

lighted stairway handrail

It is nice already without any lighting, but I added a LED strip to improve overall lighting and create a nicer effect. Of course, you can use any colour you want!

~ Denis, France