Throw turned into rug

Materials: Vilmie Rund throw, non-slip fabric, sewing machine

I’m a poor student, with a rather large living room, and have been trying to find a rug that’s big enough but still fairly cheap. I decided to try an experiment and it turned out really well in my opinion.

I used the Vilmie Rund throw and sewed it to the non-slip fabric (that you can get in any fabric store, by the meters).

– Get the non-slip fabric in any fabric store, usually sold by the meter.

– Sew the Vilmie Rund throw to the non-slip fabric on the long side of the throw, by folding the throw’s sides over the non-slip fabric (otherwise the fabric will get stuck in the sewing machine).

– Lay the plaid on the ground evenly, like you want it to be, and sew the short sides by hand.

~ Mika Nilsson, Lund, Sweden