Materials: Benno CD tower

Description: When we moved to our new place I needed a shelf above the bed and had a spare Benno CD tower. I decided to use three angle brackets I had surplus as they would be mostly hidden.

First I trimmed the bottom off the Benno unit so it would match the top, then reassembled the unit with Gorilla glue & fresh dowels – I overbuild as the ‘bottom’ shelf would be hung from the brackets.

I had to cut some small notches in the backing where the brackets would poke through.

I firmly fixed the three brackets to the wall, note the wiring made safe from a previous light fixture I wanted to hide in case it came in useful at a later date.

Then I mounted the Benno unit – the top shelf is on top of the brackets.

There you have it – clutter that would otherwise have clogged up bedside tables or the windowsill now has a place & a usable unit didn’t end up in the landfill.

~ Cakefool, Walsall, UK