Curtain panel bluff and room divider

After with Panel Curtain Room Divider!

Materials: IRJA Curtain rod set, Riktig curtain loops/hooks, Betydlig ceiling brackets, KAJSA curtain panels,Drill, screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw, mounting screws

Description: I wanted the look of the curtain panels but didn’t want to double the cost by using the recommended rails and sliders.


This is two related projects as they all include the same/similar hardware

1. Room divider
2. Closet “Bluff”

I inherited one, clearly IKEA. The only project that required cutting the rod with the hacksaw was the Bluff. The other rod slides open.

I used two Betydlig ceiling brackets per project @$1.49 each. Easy to mount with the option to easily raise/lower or slide the bracket back/front.

Instead of cutting the curtain panels, I rolled up the excess on the tube it came on and, for pinned them up. The weight gives it the right look with out the recommended hardware. You can also slip in a short piece of the remaining rod in if you want more weight.

The loops work well, too! Five per panel is perfect.

~ Clayton Smith, San Diego, CA